Beach Houses

Luxurious Villa in Mykonos, Greece

luxurious villa in mykonos interior design

  This fabulous, magazine-featured modern designer villa is located in the Kanalia area offering great views over the town of Mykonos and the great Aegean Blue. The property features close proximity to the town of Mykonos as well as to a small sandy beach, while it enjoys peace and tranquility...

Sea Shell House by Octavio Ocampo

    People call it the “conch shell house” after the shape which was inspired by and looks exactly like a conch shell. It was designed and built by the architect Octavio Ocampo and is completely white. The architect respected all the details of a conch shell, including the spikes...

Summer House in Spain by Marta Esteve

    This house is in the town of Cadaques on Costa Brava in Spain.Spanish interior designer Marta Esteve was the mastermind behind this interior transformation She used every resource available to create a specific charm for this two-storey residence. A natural colour palette and modern furnishings create a chic... Protection Status