How to Select the Perfect Dining Room Table

rattan and black metal round dining room table set

A dining table is an important piece of furniture which you can buy for use at your house. You can use it as a place for taking meals. And also as a place for holding family gatherings and doing homework sessions. Plus it can be the best centerpiece in your house where you can hang out with your loved ones and friends so that you can talk and have fun. But how can you find great dining room tables? And what does it really mean to have a perfect one?

Selecting perfect dining room tables can be a challenging task. Especially when you do not how you should go about it. Since there are so many options and dining room ideas that you can get, it’s easy to get lost. And you may end up buying a table depending on the advice that you will be given by a salesperson. In such cases, you may end up buying a table which does not fit your house.

The dining table that you choose must allow the diners not only to seat comfortably but also have enough space where they can walk around. If you are worried about how you are going to select the perfect dining room table then the guide below can be of great help to you.

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Find amazing dining room tables

So let’s see what you should take into consideration when choosing the table for your own dining room.

1. Budget

This is one of the first things that you must consider before you even visit a furniture shop to buy your dining table. In this case you may decide the amount of money that you wish to spend. As you budget, you must aim in getting a high quality dining table. If you a high quality table which fits your budget, then you be the best happiest person ever.

2. Size of the dining table

One of the common mistakes that many homeowners make in choosing the best dining tables is either getting one which is too small or too large. You must determine which size will work well for your dining space and family. A good dining table must be large enough such that it visually commands and fill your room. It must also leave a distance of at least 48 inches in larger rooms and 36 inches in standard rooms. In smaller rooms it should be 24 inches away from the nearest wall to it.

The table width should not be more than 48 inches since it can difficult for any person to reach the center when taking your meals. You must also consider your family size. Thus, you can have about 24 inches of the table for each person. This means if you are a family of 5 you can have about 120 inches of the space around your dining table.

3. Size of your dining room

The size of the dining table that you choose must also correspond to the size of your dining room. This is why you must know the measurements of your dining room. So that you will not make a mistake choosing a dining table that will not fit your room. For easy determination of the table size, you can also picture out how you are going to arrange it in your room.

4. Height of the dining tables

You must also consider the height of the table that you are going to choose. Many of the dining tables have a height which ranges from 70 to about 75 inches. However, the best dining table must offer a high level of comfort by leaving enough space between the knees and thighs. This can enable the people who are going to use it to easily stretch and avoid stepping on each other.

5. Shape

Image: Swirled Drum Reclaimed Oval Dining Table

The shape of the dining tabletop and legs will have a big impact on how it will work and how it will look in the dining room. Some of the shapes that you can consider as you choose the best dining room tables are:

modern wood Square dining room table

Square table

It is a fresh and clean shape that can work well if you have a square dining room. Usually, you may find it difficult to serve your guests when you have a square table. However, if you choose this shape, then ensure you are serving about 4 to 6 people. You can also get larger shapes which you can use in serving up to 8 people. In many cases, a square table will look elegant when placed in narrow, long rooms since they offer a sense of right proportion. You can even compliment them using a smart rug such that crease a visual picture that you are having a room within another room.

French country chic dining room

Rectangular tabletop

It’s one of the common types of dining room tables which works well in any room. These kind of tables are available in various widths so that they can match both narrow and wide rooms. Since they can be designed with larger lengths they make the best option that you can choose if you wish to host large gatherings when dining. Many of the rectangular tabletops have removable leaves so that they can be easily used in any gathering starting from hosting small family dinner to large gatherings. Since rectangular tabletops are popular in the market, it means you can get more styles compared to other table shapes such as square or round.

Image: Kelsey Davis

Round table

This can also be the best table shape that you can choose especially if you wish to combine it with pedestal. The good thing about it that it is flexible such that an odd or even number can seat around it. It works well if you have a small dining room. If you wish to have a bigger table it may be unstable especially if you chose a pedestal one. The best solution for this is to choose a round table which has leaves so that you can easily expand it to be oval.

Image: Magnolia Round Dining Table, A round of classic farmhouse elegance. 

Devan Oval Dining Table in White Marble and brass iron

Oval table

In case you have a dining space which is somehow tight, then having an oval tabletop can assist in reducing congestion at the corners and visually lighten your room. This shape is also important especially when you wish to squeeze an extra chair since you can easily redistribute the number of your dining chairs. Many of oval tabletops have a pedestal base but you can also get the four-legged ones.

Image: Devan Oval Dining Table in White Marble

6. Material

When it comes to selecting the material for your dining room table, you can first select various materials which are appealing to your style. Later you can scale down to the ones which meet your dining room needs. For instance, if you are going to use your dining room for serving meals every day and you prefer having a table made of wood, then you can choose one with a warm rustic. Such kind of table gets better with time and does not spoil easily. Sometimes you may find it hard in deciding the materials that you can choose for you table since they are available in many materials. As you figure out the materials, you must consider your personal preference style, price and ease of care

The best thing is to choose a material which offers a better complement to other pieces of furniture that you have in your room. Some of the common materials are:

wood Rectangular farmhouse style dining room

Wood table

Wood may be finished with any color or shade whether it’s warm rustic or highly polished cherry. High-quality dining room tables are made of solid wood. Therefore in case of any damage, they can be repaired or refinished easily.

modern glass and wood round dining table

Glass table top

Having a glass table will eliminate the visual light and make it the best option if you have a small room. The top side can be paired with any base and this makes them work well with numerous styles. When you have a glass table you will also not worry about heat damage, water or staining.

Image: New Darlings

Teal Blue Veneer Dining Table


In this case, a thin layer of wood is glued to the base of another material such as fiberboard or plywood. Although they usually look beautiful, they can be damaged easily by water, thus you must take of it.

Image: Teal Blue Teresa Dining Table

modern farmhouse and industrial metal dining table


You can get a variety of dining tables made of metal starting from lacquered, zinc, brass and steel. Usually used in making table bases. Metal highly durable.

Image: Modern farmhouse and industrial-inspired abodes dining table 


A harmonious pairing of brass and marble pleases the eye on this feminine dining table – the base of which draws inspiration from a lush bouquet of flowers – as it echoes the tone of your room’s most polished pieces.  Find it here.

7. Audience

You must have a clear idea of how you are going to use your dining table. In case you see that in future you may be forced to use it outdoors, then you can choose, one that is movable, light and designed using durable material. Thus, you can easily move your table to the balcony or in the yard so that you can host any activity of your choice.

8. Décor

Your interior house decorations must match your desired dining table design. For instance, the dining table that you will choose must complement your lighting fixtures and centerpieces. Also, there are some dining tables which have matching dining chairs and other pieces. If your table does not have any, then you must look for the best dining chairs which will match well with the table that you will choose.


Image: Britt Design Studio

9. Stability

After considering the above factors, you must ensure that the table that you choose is stable. When you apply some weight on top, your table should not sway. You can demonstrate this by placing some pieces on top do add weight. This will ensure that any item that you will place on top will end up spilling onto the ground.

If you follow the above guidelines, you will be at a better position of choosing the perfect dining tables without any challenges. You will also choose the table that meets all your family needs!

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