Stunning Copper Bathtubs for a Luxurious Bathing Experience

Vanessa Carlton’s Nashville bathroom with Copper Bathtub

Have you ever considered turning your bathroom into a high-end spa? What if I told you that one easy solution could help you achieve this luxurious look and feel in your home? Introducing copper bathtubs, the perfect addition to any interior design scheme. Sleek and stylish, these stunning fixtures provide an eye-catching focal point while providing a truly indulgent bathing experience. Whether you’re searching for an authentic vintage piece or are simply revamped a classic style with all the charm of mid-century design, we have inspirational ideas of copper tubs for every lifestyle.

Image: apartmenttherapy/ Photography: Joseph Bradshaw

Copper Bathtubs Pros and Cons

copper bathtub in Zoes modern bathroom

Image: Zoë Sugg / Copper bathtub: The Marseille Cyprium Copper Bateau Bath

What are the benefits of a copper bath?


Image: BHG / Photography: JULIE SOEFER / Custom William Holland tub 

Copper tubs are durable, timeless, stay warm and can provide that luxurious spa-like bathroom feel that many people desire. With its natural anti-bacterial properties, copper is an excellent choice for those who want to stay healthy in their own homes.

Why do copper bathtubs stay warm?

Copper bathtubs provide a luxurious bathing experience that goes beyond simple comfort. After stepping in, you notice the warmth of the metal on your skin, which can be attributed to the natural heat conduction abilities of copper. Whenever hot water is poured into a copper tub and rises to meet its smooth surface, it quickly spreads over its entirety before dissipating evenly throughout. This process allows for prolonged heat and an amazing sensation that surpasses all other types of baths. Moreover, because of its unique properties, copper bathtubs also remain warm after exiting the water due to its conductivity – truly making it one of the best choices for comfort and relaxation!

What is the downside of copper bathtub?

Although copper bathtubs are a great choice for many bathrooms, there are some things to consider before making your purchase.

Are copper bathtubs hard to maintain?

Copper bathtubs may seem intimidating to maintain, and honestly, if you’re not looking for a challenge then it isn’t for everyone. But if you are up for the task, the unique style and look of copper tubs is unbeatable! All that’s needed to keep your copper tube shining is some hot water and a towel, no special cleaning needed. So don’t let the perception of being hard to maintain scare you away from owning one of these dazzling tubs – wood will eventually lose its luster but copper will stick with you for decades.

Are copper bathtubs expensive?

One of the main drawbacks of copper tubs is their cost; they can be quite expensive compared to other materials such as acrylic or fiberglass.

However, these drawbacks are minor compared to the many benefits that copper bathtubs offer.

How much does a copper bath tub cost?


Image: Handmade Bathtub in Antique Copper, $3,161

Copper bathtubs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their classic look, durability and rust-resistant properties. If you’re ready to make the switch to a copper tub, you’ll be pleased to know there is quite a range of price points depending on the size and features of your dream bathtub. From traditional antique styles all the way to contemporary designs with gleaming hardware, prices for these striking tubs can start from as low as $2000 or increase up to a luxurious several thousand dollars.

Is a Copper Bathtub Right for You?

rustic handmade copper bathtub

Image: Hammered Copper Modern Style Bathtub, $5,859.00

If you’re looking for a bathtub that stuns and stands the test of time, then consider a copper bathtub! Copper baths are renowned not only for their beauty, but their amazing durability. In the past they were only found in European old-world bathrooms and grand estates. But today, these unique fixtures can easily be added to any bathroom to instantly create an ornate luxurious look. While it requires regular cleaning and polishing to maintain its bright hue. Coppers function perfectly as a long term investment that is sure to draw attention from guests admiring your beautiful home.



Image: ML / Photography: Audrey Hall / Architecture: Stephen Tobler / Interior design: Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates / Construction: Tennyson-Ankeny Construction Management

Overall, copper bathtubs provide a timeless and elegant look that is sure to enhance any bathroom. Not only do they offer a luxurious spa-like feel, but they also come with natural anti-bacterial properties. That make them perfect for those looking to stay healthy in their own homes. Although copper tubs can be quite expensive and require regular maintenance. The benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks; making them a great long term investment. So if you’re looking for a unique, copper bathtubs are definitely worth considering.

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